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Time Costs You Money
Business success often depends on getting a quick loan at a critical time – to bridge a cash-flow gap, deal with unforeseen cost hikes, or take advantage of a money-making opportunity that won’t wait. Delays can be expensive or damaging to your business.

Banks Cost You Time AND Money
Small-business loans from a bank are not only expensive – they’re long, bureaucratic processes that comb through your financials, and consider you “guilty until proven innocent.” A bad credit history is guaranteed to disqualify a bank loan request, and even successful businesses are sometimes refused, with no discussion and no appeal.

Either way, no bank will lend a small business thousands of dollars based on collateral alone. iPawn will – and we’ll do it literally overnight.

Leave the Bank Loan Headaches Behind!
A pawn loan from iPawn is the smart alternative to a bank business loan:
Faster: Get up to $1,000,000 in ready cash within 24 hours after contacting us.
Discreet: No applications, no credit history check, no guarantors required.
Easier Access: Borrow on-line without leaving your home or office.
Safer: Receive the benefit of a payday loan without the debt risk.
More Flexible: Choose your collateral and payback time (up to 12 months).
More Affordable: You pay only the monthly interest – 5 percent on average – until the end of the loan period.
More Profitable: Compare bank or credit company interest rates… enough said!

Pawning: Not Just for Hard Times
Throughout history, pawning was a fast way to relieve a financial crunch, and it still is. But pawning can also be a brilliant cash-generating strategy that makes more money for your business:

  • Finance a start-up, a new product line or R&D.
  • Upgrade, renovate or expand your offices.
  • Refinance a short-term bank loan for big savings on interest payments.
  • Invest in a high-yield, short-term venture without going into debt.

Thinking Out of the (Jewelry) Box
Take a close look at your gems, gold jewelry and other valuables. How “valuable” are they,
if all they do is sit and gather dust?
Put them to work for your business!

Contact our Business Division now to explore the possibilities:
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