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Pawning: A New-Old Source of Cash
“Believe it or not, a pawnshop loan is one of the better options to consider.”
“Seven Best-to-Worst Ways to Borrow $500,” Fox Business News, July 2012

“Pawn shop loans are now something that some business owners are turning to, as a result of the tight economy and lack of bank lending.”
Reuters, August 2011

“A growing number of small businesses are tapping alternative funding sources such as online pawn shops.”
Huffington Post, March 2012

“With the price of gold moving higher, it allows individuals to get a bigger loan, and that has been a stimulus to driving increased pawn lending.”
Time Magazine, January 2010

“While some small business owners are turning to pawn shops to keep their business afloat, others are going to them to take advantage of surging gold prices.”
CNN Money, August 2011

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