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Last Updated: December 8, 2013

Welcome to iPawn - the most trusted name in pre-owned luxury items trading. We take all of the work out of selling your Rolex watch for the highest market value. From appraisal to shipping we make it easy for you to get very the best price from the most trusted buyers. Let us know a bit more about your Rolex Watch below and we’ll do the rest. It’s that simple.

How do we get the best price for your Rolex?

1. Tell us about your Rolex for a free estimate.
2. Get an estimated resale market value of Rolex watches such as yours.
3. FedEx the watch overnight (fully insured & prepaid by us).        
4. We appraise and invite trusted buyers to bid on your Rolex.        
5. You approve the highest bid.
6. You get PAID. 
7. We send your Rolex to the buyer. is the most trusted name in pre-owned luxury goods trading. If you are starting to say
to yourself “it’s time for me to sell my Rolex watch”, your search ends here. Starting with our watch
appraisal experts, you will get the best price quotes for FREE, with no obligation.  Like what you
see? Now it’s time to sell to the highest bidder. With our online, real-time auction platform you will
get up-to-the minute market value for your Rolex.  

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Why choose iPawn?

  • Value: We help you sell your Rolex for the best price in the shortest time.
  • Trust: We are licensed Online Pawn Shop, trusted and certified by the BBB.
  • Specialization: We specialize in selling Rolex and other brand name watches and luxury items.
  • Simplicity: We do all the legwork for you from start to finish.

Want to speak with someone at iPawn? Call us at 1-855-558-PAWN

Sell my Rolex Watch for full market value

It can be an overwhelming prospect to sell your Rolex. Rolex sells over $4 Billion in watches every year with new and popular models coming out every season. The market for purchasing and selling pre-owned Rolex watches is immense and still growing. It is hard to know where to start or who to trust. Here at iPawn, our experts handle your watch with care, never losing sight of the ultimate goal: getting you the best price for your valuable watch. Selling your high-end watch has never been easier or more efficient. Starting with a market estimate, you will get within an hour an initial quote for what a watch such as yours can be sold for. Details matter here, so the more details you provide in your description the more accurate the estimate and authentication process will be. It always help to add quality images of the watch (front, back and buckle) so the appraisal will be able to see the key elements of your specific model. Now it’s time to FedEx the watch overnight using a pre-paid, fully insured shipping label we will provide. Once we receive the watch to our secured facilitied, our experts will provide a full appraisal. Then it’s time to sell to the highest bidder. Our real-time auction platform consists of preapproved list of professional buyers ready to bid on high-end watches, ensuring you will get the highest market value possible. If you think you can get more, we will send you your watch back just as you sent it to us, no strings attached. With iPawn you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Get the most for your Rolex watch, worry free.

Sold for $3,746

Pawned for $4,720

Pawned for $3,111

Your Rolex is Valued

When it comes to Rolex, it is not merely a watch. It is an investment. With unmatched quality and craftsmanship, Rolex watches can last a lifetime and are never out of style. We sell only to those who value such watches the most and are willing to pay for their long-lasting value. That is how we know that we can get you the best price from the most trusted buyers. We accept all models and styles of Rolex from the iconic Sub-Mariner, President and DateJust models to the rare Paul Newman Daytona.

Why iPawn is different

Were you thinking of selling your Rolex watch on eBay? Or Craigslist? Maybe you were considering approaching a jeweler. These methods are OK but none will guarantee you the best market value for your pre-owned watch, a transaction within 24-48 hours, convenience and safety. We will be a home you can trust with your valuables - you should have the BEST. We combine the expertise of a jeweler and the excitement of a real-time auction to give you the finest experience possible. We do the leg work of selling your Rolex on your behalf, all you have to do is watch the money come in. What are you waiting for?, the Premier Luxury Marketplace

If you wish to auction your precious metal items and get the highest market price, is the place to go for competitive bids from buyers world-wide. Simply describe your item on the website and then ship it to the Worthy facilities free and fully insured. From there your item will be professionally cleaned, evaluated, and photographed in preparation for auction. Then hundreds of buyers from around the world will be invited to place competing bids for your valuable item.

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