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Last Updated: November 26, 2013

Best value for my jewelry

Welcome to iPawn, the most trusted name in pre-owned jewelry, diamonds, watches, and other luxury items. We make it easier than ever to sell your jewelry in a secure and affordable way. Without leaving your home you can sell jewelry for the best market value. From shipping to a full appraisal, iPawn takes care of everything, even insuring your jewelry.

How Do I Sell My Jewelry Online?

The process to sell jewelry at iPawn is very simple:

  1. Receive a quote: You just need to upload a picture of your jewelry and include a short description of the item. Next, you will receive an initial offer from iPawn within 1 hour with absolutely no obligation to sell your jewelry. You will also receive a prepaid, insured shipping label for your item.
  2. Send your item: If you choose to sell your jewelry, it will be collected by FedEx for free. You can track your package throughout its entire journey – from your door to the iPawn facility. Any item that you send to iPawn is insured by ParcelPro from the moment it leaves your home.
  3. Receive your cash: When your jewelry arrives at iPawn’s secure facilities, it will be evaluated by a certified professional in order to determine if its value matches the initial offer. If the initial offer is the same as the value of the item, your money will be sent within minutes.

Recent Deals:

Sold for $637

Sold for $825

Sold for $975

Why should I sell my jewelry at iPawn?

We are proud to be able to present you with an upscaled service. One key difference begins with our in-house appraiser and state of the art technology all under one roof. Your jewelry will be exclusively in the hands of our trusted experts and will not be sent anywhere else. This assures the safety of your jewelry and a very fast response rate. Our pre approved network of buyers waiting to make offers on your jewelry is something that is unique to iPawn and will also cause the offer amount to increase. Being an entirely online operation is another aspect that makes iPawn a better choice when selling your jewelry. WIthout the overhead costs of a brick and mortar shop and jewelry stores, we are able to pass even more value onto you.

Still not sure we are the best choice? See what our recent sellers have to say:


The best way to sell my jewelry online:

  1. Be sure to include as many details as possible in the description
  2. Include a clear image of the jewelry
  3. Provide details about the gems including the carat weight or 4C’s for diamonds
  4. Describe metal type e.g. gold, silver, platinum, etc
  5. Attach or include an image of any papers authenticating your jewelry

If you would like to learn more please call one of our helpful representatives at 1-855-558-PAWN.

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