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Quoteblue-beginThank you so much for all the help your team did for me. I was worried at first about it being a scam on the internet. But when I saw that the BBB was a backer of yours I went for it. Your staff was so knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. All my fears were subsided. If there was a doubt, it was answered with care. I felt that I was put first through the whole process. I thank you again. I have received my money and I am happy. Sincerely Quoteblue-end
Joyce Cole, Sheridan, OR

Quoteblue-beginiPawn was the most pleasant people to deal with. They made the transition of me needing to sell something that I have never done before. I was having issues with my home computer and they went out of their way to make sure a shipping label was ready at the FedEx office where I shipped out. Everybody I talked with was very helpful. Loren would check up to make sure I received the e-mails. Always talked to a person when I called, never to be put on hold. Again, a fantastic company to work with. Quoteblue-end
Barbara Carroll, Plevna, KS

Quoteblue-beginiPawn is professional, reliable, timely and personable. I had not dealt with online pawn brokers before so naturally, I had some healthy skepticism. When I spoke with Lauren who handled a majority of the customer interface, she was very polite and helpful and explained exactly how the process worked. There was no ambiguity or feeling of uncertainty. iPawn builds its trust with you almost immediately with up front communication and updates. They offer a fair offer and I accepted. I received cash direct deposit the next day in my account. The team was also very helpful with online chat. Thanks iPawn for your professional service and I recommend you to those wishing to sell their valuables to a reputable organization. Quoteblue-end
Rob Hennessy, Hellertown, PA

Quoteblue-beginiPawn has been a pleasure to deal with. I quickly received a loan for my watch. They have been more than fair in their dealings with me. In fact when I mistakenly missed the deadline to repay my loan they agreed to extend the loan to make sure that I did not lose my item. I would highly recommend this service to everyone that I know. Quoteblue-end
Tom Whitney, Los Gatos, CA

Quoteblue-beginThanks iPawn, for your excellent service. I've never used a pawn shop before so I was confused how to handle getting a loan. They walked me through it step by step, and the communication from this company is amazing. I want to thank them for the wonderful support, quick and easy communication, and especially Jake for working with me to make sure that I didn't default on my items. I will be recommending iPawn to everyone I know. Quoteblue-end
Heather B, Philadelphia, PA

Quoteblue-beginI couldn't believe that getting a loan could be so easy. The entire process ran without a hitch and I got my money within a day of sending my valuables at 1% interest for a whole month. I paid back the loan and immediately received my watch back. Thank you iPawn! Quoteblue-end
Dave, San Bernardino, CA

Quoteblue-beginWhen I needed to buy some new equipment to expand our family business, my bank wasn't willing to loan me the money. A friend recommended iPawn and I decided to give it a try . . . My wife and I pawned our family jewelry and were able to get the funding we needed practically overnight to cover our business expenses. Thanks to iPawn we are now in a much better financial position. Quoteblue-end
Connie, Minneapolis, MN

Quoteblue-beginI was able to pay my daughter's college tuition without having to apply for a high-interest loan. iPawn's online pawning service saved me time and money, and their rates were unbeatable. And to think I almost sold my gold necklace to all those cash for gold companies. iPawn is a winner! Quoteblue-end
Brian, Reno, NV

Quoteblue-beginThank you for the amazing service experience. I loved your easy-to-use online application and your response time was even better than advertised. I hardly had to lift a finger to get the money I needed to make ends meet. The entire process was literally done from my sofa. You guys rock! Quoteblue-end
Debbie, Tallahassee, FL

Quoteblue-beginBefore iPawn, I would have never believed that I could pawn valuables from the privacy and comfort of my living room. The process was discreet, safe and convenient – thank you for an excellent experience. Quoteblue-end
Rachel, Trenton, NJ

Quoteblue-beginI have bought and sold online for years, and iPawn was a very pleasant surprise. The application process was simple and clear. A couple of clicks and I was done - no surprises and no hassles. Shipping didn’t cost me a dime. The loan was deposited into my bank account just like they promised. I would definitely use iPawn again. Quoteblue-end
Kim, Lafayette, IN

Quoteblue-beginWhat a great service! Pawning my earrings couldn’t have been easier. In fact, I even got more than the initial estimate. I would wholeheartedly recommend iPawn for anyone needing a short-term loan. Quoteblue-end
Juan, Mesa, AZ

Quoteblue-beginWithin less than 30 minutes I have received $2700 loan estimation for my watch. I agreed and fedexed it to iPawn. What really amazed me was that they called me back and improved their offer to $2900 without a word from me. Quoteblue-end
Joe, Lancaster, PA

Quoteblue-beginThis was my first time selling valuables online, and I wasn't expecting it to be so easy. iPawn gave me a clear and attractive offer for my pendant based on a photo, and the next thing I knew the FedEx courier was at my door. The money was in my PayPal account the following day! I would recommend iPawn to anyone who needs cash fast. Quoteblue-end
Liz, Bethesda, MD