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Last Updated: November 26, 2013

pawn diamonds

If you are seeking to pawn diamonds online, iPawn is here to help. Starting with a free initial offer, iPawn makes it easier than ever to pawn your diamonds. Simply tell us a bit about your diamonds for a free quote. We will even provide you with a pre-paid shipping label (fully insured) if you choose to proceed. Once your diamonds arrive at our secure facility, they will undergo a thorough physical appraisal using state of the art machinery. Within few hours of your item arriving at our facility, you will receive a loan offer. Shortly after accepting our offer, you get cash.  

At iPawn, you will get the very best offer, with an interest rate significantly lower than most traditional pawn shops, payday lenders and installment loans providers. Our loan interest can be as low as 1%!  Once you have are ready to repay your loan, your item will be shipped back to you quickly and safely. From the time you send your diamonds until the moment you receive them back, they will be kept at our secured facilities, 100% insured by Delta Lloyd insurance company.  

Still not convinced? We understand. Pawning your diamonds online can feel risky. We assure you, you have nothing to worry about with iPawn. iPawn is a licensed online pawn shop by the OCCC. Working nationally, we have over ten thousand items processed with a total estimated value of millions of dollars. You can always just ask one of our satisfied clients and read their reviews:

iPawn in the press:

Our unique business model and renowned service levels have caught national attention and have been covered by the biggest in the press, such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others.

SO, what are you waiting for?

pawn diamonds

How does iPawn get me the best offer for my diamonds

There are many things that we do differently that result in giving you the best offer. Firstly, we have all the experts under one roof. We also house state of the art machinery to inspect your diamonds. Most pawn shops do not have an in-house gemologist or the proper machinery to provide an accurate and objective offer. Furthermore, we have a network of pre-approved esteemed buyers that are working with us to maximize your offer, even competing for your diamonds. Being a purely online business also contributes to our great offers. We, do not carry the costs of a traditional brick and mortar pawn shop. Even more so, we are able to focus on bringing you the best service with industry renowned experts that provide nothing less than absolute professionalism. From start to finish, your diamonds will be in the best hands with the least cost to you., the Premier Luxury Marketplace

If you wish to auction your precious metal items and get the highest market price, is the place to go for competitive bids from buyers world-wide. Simply describe your item on the website and then ship it to the Worthy facilities free and fully insured. From there your item will be professionally cleaned, evaluated, and photographed in preparation for auction. Then hundreds of buyers from around the world will be invited to place competing bids for your valuable item.

If you would like to learn more please call one of our helpful representatives at 1-855-558-PAWN

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