Doing Good

Robin Hood
We believe that there is no reason why it should be so difficult and expensive for individuals and small businesses to borrow money, especially during tough times. This is why iPawn offers simple and affordable monthly 1% interest loans - no more exorbitant interest rates, hidden costs or credit checks.

iPawn is built on the premise that providing safe, affordable access to short term cash helps people create better lives for themselves, their families and, ultimately, their communities.

We understand that unexpected expenses are a part of life. At iPawn, we are dedicated to making it easy for you to get a loan, and later have the option to pay it back and retrieve your valuable items. Of course, if you'd prefer to sell your item right away, we'll also be happy to make you an offer.

Our 1% interest loans are significantly less expensive than your neighborhood pawn shop or other online services. Many people would like to know our secret for lending at such low interest rates. Well… our secret is in our business model – we provide large volumes of loans at very low interest rates while minimizing our expenses through a 100% online service (we have no physical stores). This is how we can offer our clients the most affordable loans on the market and still make a profit.

iPawn is revolutionizing the national credit market by offering short-term, affordable loans at unbeatable rates and with less risk than banks, payday lenders, brick & mortar pawn shops and other online services. Customers trust us to loan them money in a hurry without the hassles and costs of high-interest alternatives.

iPawn also offers a wide variety of payment methods - all designed to make sure you get your money as quickly as possible in the way most convenient for you. These options include electronic bank transfer to your account, a cashable check instantly mailed to your home address that can be easily cashed at any Wells Fargo branch, or funds transfer to your PayPal account.