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The Wall Street Journal: Cashing In Your Jewelry

A great article was posted on The Wall Street Journal, writing in length about the fact “More Women Turn Dated Heirlooms Into a Vacation, Tuition—Or Even More Carats“.

Heidi Mitchell writes:

“Thirty years ago, men bought “life occasion” jewelry made with high-quality stones for their girlfriends, wives or daughters. Then an avalanche of smaller, lower-quality diamonds hit the market, and jewelry companies began selling trendy styles, like $100 diamond-encrusted heart necklaces and the “tennis bracelets” that were popular in the 1980s.

As soon as diamond jewelry became something that could go in and out of style, Mr. Shor says, “the taboo of selling the pieces back into the market was erased.” Today, an estimated 30% of sales of diamond pieces fall into the category known as “already worn,” he says.”

As an online pawn shop, we at iPawn can definitely agree with this. Selling or pawning jewelry items is a great way to come up with that extra money you need.

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