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Special Holiday Offer from iPawn: Enjoy an Extra $50 Cash for Each Item You Pawn

Check out iPawn’s $50 free cash Christmas promo, Just visit our web site, upload an item you wish to Pawn, and receive extra $50 cash on top of your transaction.

iPawn Special Holiday Offer

With a collection of satisfied customers already singing their praises, iPawn opened their virtual doors to the general public and began providing short-term, asset-based loans to small businesses and consumers.
In response to the credit crunch and current lending climate, iPawn is making it possible for average consumers and small business owners to gain access to immediate financing. iPawn is the answer for the thousands of people who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining a line of credit, a home-equity loan, or just a basic cash loan from a bank. iPawn’s fresh, modern approach to lending enables individuals to use their physical assets as collateral in securing a loan—without having to walk into a traditional brick-and-mortar pawn shop or borrow money from high interest rate payday lenders.

“Everyone has gold, diamonds and other family heirlooms that sit in a safe deposit box collecting dust. iPawn is making it possible for consumers to put those valuables to work as collateral for low-interest rate loans,” said Ben De-Kalo, CEO and co-founder of iPawn. “Online asset-based loans give consumers and business owners another option for borrowing money when bank loans are denied or turnaround time is an issue.”

iPawn differs from other online pawn businesses because the company’s process is completely transparent. iPawn’s estimated evaluations of merchandise is done solely by an experienced appraiser and never through an automated computer response. Therefore consumers get a more accurate estimate online that will be very close or equal to the hands-on appraisal given once iPawn receives the merchandise.

How iPawn Works

Interested customers fill out a simple online questionnaire regarding their item and submit a high resolution photo. An agent is constantly available via phone or instant message to answer any questions. Within an hour, an iPawn appraiser evaluates the item and provides competitive loan terms and a buy price, along with a pre-paid FedEx label. If the customer agrees with the terms or buy price, they ship the item to the iPawn offices in Texas where it is further physically evaluated. Payment is sent to the customer on the same day the package arrives, usually via electronic bank transfer, PayPal or cashable check. If the customer chooses to pawn the item, he/she then repays the loan over a prearranged payment schedule. As long as the customer continues to make interest payments, the loan can be extended up to one year. Every effort is made to allow the customer to reclaim his/her item, including extended grace periods for payment. iPawn maintains a flexible relationship with the client, so if he/she decides to ultimately sell the item, the terms of the arrangement can be amended.

About iPawn

Headquartered in Tyler, Texas, iPawn is the modern version of a traditional brick-and-mortar pawn shop enabling consumers to obtain short-term, asset-based loans conveniently and securely. With interest rates as low as one percent, depending on the amount loaned, iPawn is a solution to immediate borrowing needs of small business owners and individuals. iPawn is registered and licensed by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner and 100 percent insured.

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