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Selling your item to iPawn

To get top dollar for your valuable items, you need to know the pros and cons of all your options. Many of our customers have come to us after trying to sell on eBay and other similar sites. To help you compare the sales experience at iPawn to that of eBay, we have put together the following table based on our customers’ feedback as well as our own research.

Sales Issue eBay iPawn
Pricing Your Item Pricing is set by the seller, and can be tricky. Price your item too high, and no one will be interested. Price your item too low and you’re leaving money on the table. Your item is evaluated and appraised by a professional. You always get your item’s exact worth, along with an explanation of the appraisal.
Managing the Sale There is a learning curve for successfully managing sales via eBay. Getting a good price on eBay requires a lot of information, effort and hassles. Selling your item to iPawn is simple. There’s no lengthy process and nothing to learn. Dedicated account managers help each customer through the process as needed.
Shipping Your Item eBay does not cover shipping, which means that you have to deal with both logistics and costs. And don’t forget about the insurance. The shipping and insurance costs can make or break a sale. Shipping is a breeze. iPawn takes care of the entire process and cover express overnight shipping costs. We provide you with the FedEx shipping label. In addition, we fully insure your item throughout the process.
Fees It’s not easy to understand eBay’s fee structure, especially for first-timers. Often it only becomes apparent after the sale that eBay’s fees cost you as much as 20% of the sale price! At iPawn, what you see is what you get – there are no hidden fees or costs. When you receive a buy offer from iPawn, that’s the exact amount that you will get from the sale of your item.
Can You Trust the Buyer? On eBay you never know who your buyer is. You have to deal with several potential buyers and answer their questions. Even after you’ve closed a deal, there are still no guarantees that your buyer isn’t scamming you. When it comes to trust, iPawn is a no-brainer. We are registered and licensed by the State of Texas, Office of Consumer Credit Commission (OCCC). All pawned and sold items are fully insured by the Delta Lloyd insurance company. We are audited by Ernst & Young and registered with the BBB.
Buyer Changes Their Mind On eBay, even after selling your item, a buyer might change their mind or decide to return your item to you, based on eBay’s return policy. Either way you lose. Doesn’t happen at iPawn -once the transaction is complete, you always get your money! We never renege on a deal, so you can rest assured that a sale is really a sale.

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