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It has Never Been Easier and More Rewarding to Sell Diamonds for Cash

Sell Diamonds for Cash

If you have ever tried to sell diamonds for cash at a traditional jewelry store, you may well have experienced frustration, confusion and major disappointment.

In many cases, jewelry stores will not even look at your diamond before turning you down, while others will give you the lowest possible price. Luckily, there is a better way to sell your diamonds and that way is iPawn. iPawn is a unique online jewelry store and pawn shop that is dramatically different from both jewelry stores and traditional pawn shops. Here at iPawn, your diamonds are always welcome and you will enjoy first-class customer service. iPawn answers the call that has long been resonating with customers the world over.

iPawn vs. Jewelry Stores
The problem with selling your diamonds at traditional jewelry stores is that most of these stores purchase their diamonds from wholesalers. The price of wholesale diamonds is much lower than the price they are sold at a jewelry store. In addition, wholesalers will lend diamonds to a jewelry store in the hope that a customer will purchase the diamond. This means that a jewelry store will only purchase your diamond if the price is far lower than the price of an equivalent wholesale diamond. This automatically puts you on the back foot, and instantly tempers your expectations.

In general, jewelry stores only purchase specific types of diamonds based on their current inventory. If your diamond is similar to others the store has in stock, they will probably not be interested in purchasing it. iPawn however is quite different in that we will accept nearly all diamonds. iPawn does not work with wholesalers so the diamonds we receive only come from customers. Essentially, this means that regardless of the type of diamond, you can sell it at iPawn. Because we operate online, we also have a much larger customer base than traditional jewelry stores. This makes it easier for us to re-sell your diamond as we are not constrained by a land-based location. The internet superhighway is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Skip the Traditional Pawn Shop
While you won’t face the same problems of selling diamonds at a traditional pawn shop as you would at a jewelry store, you are likely to experience difficulties. Most traditional pawn shops concentrate on pawning your item rather than selling it. When these pawn shops sell diamonds or any other item, they do so as quickly as possible in order to generate a profit on the item. For these shops, it is quite risky to offer a considerable price on any one item so you will likely only be able to sell diamonds for cash at an extremely low price. Clearly this is not what you’ve got in mind, so it’s best to consider your options.

Additionally, most traditional pawn shops do not have a professional gemologist to evaluate your diamond. Your diamond will only be evaluated through a visual inspection, a test to verify its authenticity and a measurement to determine its carat weight. If you have a high quality diamond, its value will never be realized or evaluated by a traditional pawn shop. At iPawn, we have a team of professional gemologists who are highly trained to verify the diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Your diamond will undergo a rigorous appraisal process so you can get the best possible appraisal price. While second-hand diamonds are not as highly valued as new diamonds, you will still be able to get a considerably better price for your diamond at iPawn than at a land-based pawn shop or jewelry store. If you are looking for a better way to sell your diamond then iPawn is the place for you.

Selling your diamonds should not be burdensome or frustrating anymore!

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