Introducing Worthy

Worthy is the premier luxury auction platform where sellers come to get more for their luxury items. With little-to-no effort on the part of our clients, we take on the task of cleaning, evaluating, photographing, and presenting their items to our worldwide network of trusted, professional buyers. With our unique auction platform attracting the bids of targeted buyers, we can guarantee the highest fair market value when selling luxury watches, diamonds, precious jewelry, gems and more.

How does it work?
The process is easy, with plenty of features attracting the right buyers to compete for your item. See our 5-step process below:

1. Describe your item and upload clear photos of it.
2. We begin to gather interested buyers based on your submitted description.
3. Once enough buyers show interest, we encourage you to send us your item for verification and auction preparation.
4. Your item will arrive at our secure facilities for full physical evaluation resulting in a detailed professional selling description and high-resolution photographs.
5. Using our auction platform, the item details and quality images will be targeted to buyers specifically interested in your item type. They will place competitive bids and upon your approval, you will receive money for the highest bid.

How is Worthy Different From Other Auction Houses or Sites?
There are a few popular options available for selling luxury items-however, Worthy separates itself with its buyer guarantees, transparent process, and high level of expertise. For example, neither eBay or eBid actually authenticates the items that are put up for sale on their sites. Verifying an item’s authenticity is up to the buyer which can lead to seller fraud. In other cases, purchased items may be returned to the seller due to a misleading item description. At times, goods are returned to the seller after they have been swapped or altered before return (buyer fraud). On the other hand, large auction houses, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s, tend to accept only luxury items of the highest value. Their auctions are far less spontaneous – requiring a great deal of time, effort and fuss – and come with higher fees and sales commissions.

See what some of our happy customers have to say:
Stephen A.
“To sum up my experience with I can only say PERFECTION. As with most people I was uneasy about dealing with a company online for this type of transaction. I took the chance due to the position I was in and I am very happy I did. The transaction was quick, easy, professional and every one of the staff members I dealt with at were committed to great customer service. Mary, Liza and of course Jake were great to deal with. The whole process from start to finish was handled with a great deal of care for the customer. I will use Worthy again and for anyone hesitant about using them all I can say is they are a great company to do business with.”
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A Ring Sure to Make Anyone Green With Envy

Emerald and Diamond Ring

The trend of alternative engagement and wedding rings is in full force, supplying a constant flow of beautiful, unique rings. The combination of this stunning .40 ct emerald stone with such an artfully crafted diamond setting, sets it apart from the rest. Further complimenting the main emerald is a shadow wedding band. Shadow bands are those that follow the contours of the engagement ring, creating a perfect set. Our in-house evaluator found that this emerald engagement ring includes 36 round cut diamonds in the halo surrounding the center stone with 18 more on each side. The accompanying shadow band consists of 23 round cut diamonds with a total carat weight of .17. Both rings are made using 14kt white gold with average diamond quality hitting a I-I1 clarity grading.

This set is both modern and exquisite. The owner trusted us to sell their valuables and we are thrilled to have helped sell them for a high market value of $805!

A Necklace Fit For A Princess

This stunning Gabriel & Co. diamond necklace has just been sold on behalf of another happy client. With a princess cut diamond at its center, and beautifully fashioned round cut diamonds along the side, one can only admire such a piece of jewelry. During the physical appraisal our in-house gemologist concluded that the center stone is faintly fluorescent and measures at 1.5 cts with a clarity of SI2 and color grade I. The 14 kt white gold chain includes 10 stations, also known as bead sets, each with an individual diamond setting. The diamonds cumulatively weigh .25 cttw, each with a clarity of SI and a color grade of HI.

We must say, what a beauty! It did not take long for this diamond necklace to sell and for a total of $2,334! Do you have diamond jewelry that you would like to sell or pawn? Contact one of our helpful representatives at or at 1-855-558-PAWN

Upscale Pawnshops: An Oxymoron?

Upscale Pawnshops

Pawning has been around for centuries. It was in 15th century Florence Italy that the Lombardi family established the first pawn-banking system. It has long since been considered a way for the poor to attain needed funds using collateral. Throughout history, every civilization has practiced pawning with varying regulations. One consistency however, has been that pawns and loans are meant for the very poor. Meanwhile, the term “pawnbroker” or even the name “Lombardi”, has been synonymous with usury, or immoral financial practices. So, despite the negative connotations, how has pawning lasted so long? What does pawning mean today?

The pawn industry has gone through several ups and downs throughout history, mainly based on changing levels of necessity and economic factors. In times of recession, pawn shops are more heavily relied upon as a source of much needed income without the same risks of bad credit, or heavy laden bureaucracy. Now, something has happened. Pawnshops are becoming a more popular way to get cash fast, without exceeding the risk of the collateral itself. Even more so, pawn shops are diversifying beyond the commonly known ‘cheap’ shop on the corner. There are now pawnshops that meet the needs of several income groups, not just the poor or hard-fallen. Are you middle-upper class? Very wealthy? A small business owner? This is where the notion of an “upscale pawnshop” comes into play.

In a recent New York Times article, we were introduced to a very high-end pawnshop in Manhattan, Suttons & Robertsons. With it’s luxurious, jewelry store feel, the wealthier crowd can feel comfortable ‘quietly’ liquidating assets into cash without the looks or potential gossip that may follow a visit to the local pawn shop. The owner, Mr. Wiess states “There are more and more people who are asset rich and have a temporary liquidity problem.” Plenty of individuals spend beyond their means and seek temporary help to carry them through and cover necessary expenses.

The modernization of pawnshops has also reached the internet, providing an even more discreet and elegant way to attain needed funds. Here at iPawn, we help all kinds of individuals and small business owners get cash for their valuables when they need it the most. By financing and facilitating the sale of luxury jewelry, gems, and watches we too provide a high-end solution with the utmost discretion and not to mention, convenience.

Whether it is online, or at a luxurious brick and mortar location, it cannot be denied that pawnshops have had a makeover. The notion that pawn shops are intended only for the poor or the immoral can at long last be put to rest. Rather, they have become a remarkable financial tool for all.

A Retro Rolex, With Style!

Rolex Datejust

This 1980′s Rolex Datejust is looking good in 18K yellow gold and a face full of diamonds! According to our customer there are 42 round cut diamonds around the face alone. Rolex, originally founded in 1905 in London, is a prized brand with everlasting presence. The Rolex name is associated with everything that is luxurious and elegant. Rolex watches are a symbol of undeniable status and style, so coveted that many out there try to duplicate them. However, this one is headed our way with the original box and papers-a great way for us to speedily authenticate and evaluate. We are looking forward to seeing this no-nonsense Rolex for ourselves at our secure facilities and making that attractive offer our customer deserves.

Beautiful Diamond Baguettes!

Diamond Baguettes

We see a lot of different diamond rings but this one really stands out! This unique diamond ring is described as a brilliant, modern cut diamond ring. Surrounding the 1.56ct center stone are two baguette sets with a total weight of .75 carats. The center stone is said to have a color grade of ‘H’ and VS1 clarity. The precious metal of the ring is being described at 14kt gold. It truly looks stunning and we look forward to getting a closer look at our secure facilities.

This is a great example of a detailed description from a customer that helped us come up with an initial estimate. We also find receipts, diamond grading reports, and any past appraisals to be very helpful in making our initial estimate as accurate as possible.

Do you have a diamond ring that you are looking to pawn or sell? Feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives at or at 1-855-558-PAWN.

Selling on the go!

Engagement Ring

We always ask that our customers upload a photo of their valuable item with a description in order to get an accurate initial estimate. We get to see some really beautiful pieces, in some really interesting photos! Here our customer shared a picture sporting her dazzling diamond ring while out and about. We look forward to evaluating it in person and making an attractive offer. Another win-win, here we come!

Looking to sell your diamond ring? Let us know Let us know here or call us at 1-855-558-PAWN

Breitling Superocean – Pawned!

Breitling Superocean Watch in Box - Mint Condition

After receiving a Breitling Men’s Series watch, we are happy to report another satisfied pawn customer! This watch is a SuperOcean Chrono style sport with automatic movement. The exterior casing and bezel consist of stainless steel with a diameter of 42mm. The band is made of brown leather with a tang clasp.

After evaluating the watch we were able to authenticate it and saw only a few very minor scratches. Since the watch was in running condition and with the necessary paperwork, we were able to extend a loan offer of $1,034!

Breitling Superocean Watch

Are you looking to sell your watch or put it up for loan? Let us know here or call us at 1-855-558-PAWN

Pawn Diamond Earrings – Deal Made

1.7 Carat Diamond Earrings

These beautiful diamond stud earrings came to us for a loan offer. The diamonds are a round brilliant cut and weigh in approximately 1.34 carats each with a color grade of H. The girdle (thin parameter around the diamond) has a medium thickness, which is considered ideal in a well cut diamond. The stones sit in pure, 14Kt white gold posts.

Understandably, the owner was not ready to sell these gorgeous earrings and we were happy to extend a loan of $1,406. The earrings will be held in our secure facility until redeemed, to be shipped right back to their lucky owner.

Are you looking to sell your diamond earrings or put them up for loan? Let us know here or call us at 1-855-558-PAWN

Breitling Bentley Watch

Do you know what’s the resale value of this Breitling watch?

1. Comment with ‘higher’ if you think it is above $2,000.
2. Comment with ‘lower’ if you think it is below $2,000.

About the Watch: This is a Breitling Bentley with automatic movement mechanism, a 48.7mm steel case and brown leather bracelet. We received the watch in good working conditions with its original box and papers.

Breitling Bentley Watch

Back of Breitling Bentley Watch

Breitling Watch with Box and Papers